Mois : mars 2015

31 Mar 2015

Coup de Bluff au Namaste!

I’m not used with concerts pics but a friend of mine and his band called Bluff was giving a showcase at the Namaste Bar (Saint Leu, Reunion Island). Wow, there was a crazy and very hot atmosphere! Je n’ai pas l’habitude des photos de concerts mais un copain bassiste avec son groupe nommé « Bluff » donnaient […]

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01 Mar 2015

Want some Champagne?

Hey, what did you expect? We’re talking about a great photo spot called the Cap Champagne, west coast of Reunion Island. And I was lucky enough to be there for the sunset/blue hour period… Hey, what did you expect? Nous parlons ici d’un superbe spot photographique nommé le Cap Champagne sur la côte Ouest de […]

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